5 facts about Iceland

After visiting any specific country one of the fun, even usual things to do is comparing it with your native one or countries you have visited before. Same with Iceland. With diverse nature and climate Iceland stands out a lot, therefore, I decided to write a list of 5, in my opinion, interesting facts about this country.

1.Population of 330.000

One of the most interesting and kind of weird thing about Iceland for me is its low population. In total it is 330.000 and 2/3 of these people live in Reykjavik and cities/villages around Reykjavik. So you can imagine how little amount of people live in all of the other villages/cities around the country. And there are a lot of them. I even think that population of tourists are higher.

Besides this low number of population, road system is perfect (not to say more) and is supported only from people in Iceland. That’s pretty awesome.

But here is the weird thing when talking about low number of population. Before Icelandic people start dating, it is suggested to check if your DNA is not related (they have a special website for that). Yeah, it can happen that you are accidentally dating your cousin, who knows. But in Games of Thrones they were pretty fine with it, I guess.

2.No trees

In Iceland there are basically no forests. For me, person, who grew up in Latvia where around 50% of the area is covered in forests, that was very unusual. Mostly Iceland is having small bushes, fields with moss or grass.

According to one of my tour guides, if tree in Iceland is taller than 4 meters it must have been planted by someone. As a joke she also mentioned that if you see more than 4 trees together in Iceland it is considered as a forest.

3.Hot water is smelly 

Hot water indeed smells like rotten eggs. It is due to fact that it comes from geothermal sources and it sometimes generates smell of sulfur. Anyway, this water is perfect for bathing, but not for drinking.


For those who didn’t know, Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world even when it is such a small one. It is expensive for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you live and work there or just went to visit this country, it is going to be expensive either way. So be prepared if you are planning to go there.

According to some Icelanders, at age of 29 they had to move back to their parents because it got too expensive to live alone.

5.Danish language as 3rd

Another interesting fact for me, as a student in Denmark, was that in Iceland Danish language is being thought as the third one even though Iceland is not a colony of Denmark for a super long time (Iceland became an independant country in 1944).

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