How to travel cheap in Iceland?

The first thing what popped in my mind when I thought about this topic was – IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Indeed, it is not! Of course depending of from where you are coming from, but I ended up spending loads of money anyway even when I was saving it. And, of course, after every ‘war’ we are getting smarter. So did I. Therefore I decided to write down some tips to remember if planing to visit Iceland and not willing to spend tonnesof money.

Never buy water

Water in Iceland is coming from natural springs, therefore it is super healthy and you don’t have to spend money on buying it from store. Just take a bottle with you and fill it up when it is finished.

Rent a car – if traveling in a group of people

There are 5 seats in the car, so it is possible to travel together with up to 4 people and then also price for rental will be much cheaper. The cheapest deal you can get is around 120€ (140$) per day. Gas is around 1,7€/l (2$/l).

Hitchhike – if traveling alone or with small group of people

This is the cheapest option in order to get around in Iceland. It is for free. Speaking from my experience, I saw loads of hitchhikers and I also took many of them. As I heard from their stories, it usually takes 10-40 minutes until someone takes. Depends on the location you are hitchhiking and how sad your ‘dog eyes’ are

Sleep in campings 

Accommodation is very expensive, but you can save a lot of money by sleeping in camping places and there are many of them. Check them out by clicking here. But if you prefer to stay in hostel, try to ask for discounts, same applies for car rentals. (You can get discounts if booking together with different traveling agencies such as Hostelling International.)

Choose cheap shopping centers

When shopping groceries I suggest BONUS. It is the cheapest shopping center in Iceland, but keep in mind that it is not open for late hours, therefore I suggest to shop food for more than one day. As well, try to prepare it at ‘home’ before leaving for a certain trip, so you can take it with you.

Travel on your own

In order to not to spend money on expensive tours and guides, research places you want to visit on your own and be your own tour guide. Prepare a map, both – paper one and virtual, with all the destinations. As an app for navigation you can use It works without using your data.

Enough clothes, equipment

Iceland is cold, even in the summer. Key word is ice. Make sure you take enough clothes with you and appropriate equipment if staying in camping etc., so you don’t have to spend money on that in Iceland or freeze. Sweater, raincoat, sleeping bag, hiking shoes and warm socks is a must.

These are the main things I came up with when I was in Iceland and for the next time, if going there again, I would definitely be smarter and go with appropriate hiking shoes which doesn’t melt in rain.


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