Iceland – Day 7 Reykjavík and Blue Lagoon

On my last day in Iceland I finally got to explore Reykjavík, what normally people do right after arriving when traveling. However, city is nice, not that big and it is easy to explore it just by walking.

Main places you might wanna see in Reykjavik are concert hall Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja – main church in Reykjavik, Solfar – skeleton of a boat placed by the harbour. As well city is full with different kind of museums, if is nice to walk through the center and see colourful houses, walking streets, cafes and souvenir shops.



On my way back to the airport we stopped by the Blue Lagoon. Entrance tickets are very expensive there (as everything else), therefore, I didn’t go in, but just checked it from the outside.

Thanks for following my adventures in Iceland! I hope it was interesting for you and you got a better insights of what to expect if visiting Iceland!

Go here to see my plan of this trip and what I did during previous days.

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