Sunny Beach and Nessebar

One of the good things when you are studying together with international students is that you will always have an accommodation abroad. Same happened when I was visiting my classmate in Bulgaria. Her family is having a hotel by the sea side in Sveti Vlas, which is very close to the Sunny Beach and Nessebar.

This holiday was more about relaxing and enjoying sun by the beach. The weather in Bulgaria in summer time is great. Temperature during day is at least +30 celsius and there won’t be even a single rainy day (maybe one or two) during the whole summer. 

I started my trip there by visiting my friend’s hometown called Stara Zagora (old town in English). City is very beautiful and covered with amazing landscapes all around (as entire Bulgaria is). Place you must have to go in Stara Zagora is Balgarsko Opalchenie Park – Defenders of Stara Zagora 1877 Memorial Complex, which provides amazing view to the whole city and is only 5 minutes away by the car from the centrum.

Even tho, I didn’t see that much of Stara Zagora, there are plenty of things to do and see: Regional History Museum, Neolithic Dwellings Museum, Roman Forum of Augusta Trayana, Zagorka Brewery, Stara Zagora Zoo, Ayazmoto Park, 5th October Park, Bedechka Park, plenty of coffee shops (Bulgarians looove good coffee) and more.

Later on I proceeded my trip to the Sunny Beach. Both, to party and get some tan. There are loads of hotels to stay on the see side as it is a vacation destination not only for foreigners, but Bulgarians as well. However, for my stay in Bulgaria I chose my friends hotel called Vila Dinevi in Sveti Vlas, which is a 3 star hotel (approx. 20€ a day) with a swimming pool and beach 100 meters away. This area is relatively more quiet than Sunny Beach and only 10-15 minutes away by the car from it. So, if you want to party, but next morning spend in peace, you should choose this area.


As during days I was getting tan, nights were for partying. In Sunny Beach you can find different kind of bars with Bulgarian, pop, rock, hip hop music. There are even some viking clubs for Scandinavian people. I suggest definitely to go to Bounce. This place is having latest music, dance and lounge area, possibility to order shisha and drinks are quit cheap.

While relaxing and enjoying holidays in Sunny Beach, you might wanna visit Nessebar as well. It is a beautiful ancient city and one of the major seaside resorts in Bulgaria. You can find there plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops and walking streets covered with and amazing view, either to the fascinating architecture or beach.

Even tho I rather enjoy more active trips from time to time it is nice to just relax and Bulgaria during summer time is perfect for that!

Approximate costs per day – not more than 50€ (low cost budget)


  • bring sun screen
  • swimwear
  • cash (not everywhere you can pay with card)
  • good mood

2 thoughts on “Sunny Beach and Nessebar

  1. verymuchberry says:

    There is no doubt about that! 🙂 My mother visited Bulgaria this summer and she traveled all around it. She was amazed about beauty of nature there! I might write about it later 🙂

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