National Museum, Snake park and Maasai market

In order to explore the history of Kenya, see some turtles, snakes and crocodiles, and to buy some bits to bring back home as a souvenir, you should definitely go to National Museum, which has a Snake park and Maasai Market. Both of these are located in the centrum of Nairobi and would take you only half a day.

National Museum is a place where you can find all the information about Kenya’s history, their culture, see exhibits of animals and birds, and to see some live ones as well at the Snake park next to it. This museum is interesting not only because of the historical information it is providing to you, but also with the comparison it shows to the nowadays and how animal instincts and nature humans are using for different kind of innovations and developments in the daily life.

Right next to the museum there is a Snake park where you can not only see turtles and snakes, but also pet them. I managed to hold in my hands both.

Entrance fee for both of these are 1.500Ksh (15$) in total and you will have a guide as well, but remember to give tips as I mentioned in my previous post.

If you haven’t bought your souvenirs yet, you can step by the Maasai market. It offers different kind of paintings, textiles, jewellery and more in all colours you can imagine. However, you have to be careful and negotiate the price, because most likely you will be overcharged up to 10 times as a foreigner.

Market is open from Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 6pm, but it has different locations for each day:

  • Tuesday – Kijabe street opposite the Norfolk Hotel
  • Wednesday – Capital Centre on Mombasa Road
  • Thursday – Nakumatt Junction Shopping Mall on Ngong Road
  • Friday – Village market in Gigiri
  • Saturday – The High Court parking lot in the city center
  • Sunday – Yaya Centre in Hurlingham

Since it takes only up to half a day to explore these locations, I suggest you to go to the Uhuru gardens and take a relaxing walk or have a picnic there. People use this park as a place for leisure to spend time together with family or alone. It offers different kind of snacks and attractions as well.

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