Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center

Visitation of Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center is an exciting experience and won’t take more than a half a day so it can be easily combined with other activities, for example Kitengela hot glass or Nairobi National Park orphanage.

Elephant Orphanage is around 20 minutes drive away from Nairobi city center, right after Nairobi National Park. In order to attend it and participate in the demonstration, you should be there couple of minutes before 11:00. Entrance ticket costs 500Ksh (5$) for all – residents, non-residents and students. At this orphanage you will be introduced with all of the elephants there and their stories behind – how they were found, how old they are and from where and how they got to Nairobi. Furthermore, you will see care-takers feeding them and will have a chance to pet and take pictures with some of the elephants. And, the coolest thing – you can adopt an elephant

Around 15 minutes away by a car, there is a Giraffe Center, where you can take lovely pictures with giraffes, pet and even kiss them. Yes, you read it correctly – kiss them! Guide will introduce you with a brief information about different kinds of giraffes, their habits and the ones they are having at the center. Entrance ticket costs 1000Ksh (10$) for non-resident adults and 500Ksh (5$) for non-resident students.

Giraffe Center is participating in different kind of donations so you can purchase children drawings and donate money to schools and communities in areas such as Kilifi, Coast, Central and Western regions of Kenya!

All in all, for me this day was very inspiring! I gained not only a lot of new knowledge, but also great feelings and experience I would like to re-live again!

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