Adopt an elephant!

Are you single, but still want to become a parent without huge waiting lines, paper works and stress? Well, this is your lucky day, because I have a great solution for you!

The Elephant Orphanage at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is having a project where you can become a foster parent to an elephant. In my opinion, this is the most exciting way how you can donate money and help these amazing creatures. Adoption of an elephant costs 5.000Ksh (50$) per year, which isn’t that much if you think about it. In a return you are going to receive an e-mail every month to see how your elephant is doing. E-mail includes a video, newsletter and a water-colour painting by Angela Sheldrick. Furthermore, by notifying Elephant Orphanage center before, you can visit your elephant free of charge at any time.

All you have to do is to choose the elephant you want to adopt and fill the form with your contact information (can be done online as well). You can also choose to adopt it for someone else as a present.

In my opinion, it could be the sweetest present, especially for someone who seems to have everything already!

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