Braiding hair

I have always been amazed by African women hairstyles and how beautiful their hair are when braided. Since I am currently in Kenya and every single day I can see these women with their long, beautiful braids wherever I go, thought about doing it was bothering me all the time. So, guess what? I did it as well! 

I could never imagine that it is SO PAINFUL! Seriously. I am pretty good with managing pain and someone doing my hair. I actually enjoy it. But this time… It was a nightmare which lasted for more than 5 hours. Even following days I wasn’t able to sleep properly, because my scalp was hurting so bad and sleeping with these braids on your head is like having an extra pillow haha. So it took me some time to get adjusted and now I am okay.

Result actually is very nice and, because of the added hair, braids are much thicker and I am able to do different hairstyles I couldn’t before. Even though it was extremely painful, long and uncomfortable process, I am planning to do them again some time soon. However, I appreciate my own hair much better.


  • price around 10-30$, 50$ if going to a fancier hair salon
  • buy your own extra hair from any shopping mall or beauty store to make sure you get the colour you want
  • to make sure you won’t lose a lot of hair or destroy your hair-line, don’t keep your braids for more than 1-3 weeks
  • use special braid shampoo or only water when washing your hair, otherwise shampoo can stick on your scalp or in braids
  • use spray for braids to avoid itching
  • wear hat while being in the sun in order to not to sun-burn your scalp or get a sun-stroke

The actual result

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