Kitengela Hot Glass

Glassblowing is popular all over the world and, of course, Kenya is doing that as well. Kitengela is a Kenyan brand producing handmade glass items and using only recycled raw materials. Awesome, right? Especially in Kenya where pollution is so high.

Recycled bottles

Recycled glass

Kitengela Hot Glass is located approximately 45 min drive away from the centrum of Nairobi, but in order to make sure you won’t get lost or choose an extremely bumpy road, check this map. Entrance in the factory and shop is for free and you will see the whole process how, for example, glass bowls are being made.

In order to blow and shape the glass, it is necessary to have super high temperature and it is easily possible to burn paper if placing it on the freshly made glass item, so be careful and not too curious.

Besides the interesting demonstration in the factory, area around is very cozy and decorated with several glass items made in Kitengela. Furthermore, nature is all around the place, so you are having a great chance to see some baboons as well.

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