Reasons why Kenya is the best!

Even though it was hard for me in the beginning to get used to Kenya and its culture, during my 3 month stay I really learned how to love this country and every single bit of it. However, some things down there are still a little weird and funny for me, but, believe it or not, I really miss it all! So, here in this article – Reasons why Kenya is the best, I have gathered few of the things!

1. You can carry everything on your head. (After a while this actually isn’t that weird anymore)

2. HSAW RAC. Creativity at it’s best

Car wash

3. In country, where everything is possible, unfortunately you cannot buy everything

Not for sale

4. But on the sides of the road you can buy everything for sure. Starting from the newspapers, all kinds of snacks, sunglasses and fruits, ending with toilet paper, jacket hangers, paintings and mechanic tools

5. This might seem to be an ordinary mirror, but actually it is an African TV

African TV

6. Rush hour is all the time and traffic in Kenya never ends

Traffic in Kenya

7. Even a cow traffic!


8. And, if there are no children using their attractions, cows will take care of it


9. You can barely ever pay by using credit card, but at least milk comes from an ATM


10. Man’s not hot! (Same goes with jackets, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture it)


11. Avocados are in size of your head and melons in size of boobs you will never have

12. Public transport in Kenya is organised by party busses

13. Hakuna matata! No stress at all!

These were just couple of fun things, to, hopefully, make you smile! The most of all I will miss people. In my opinion, Kenya is one of the friendliest and helpful nations in the world where everyone smiles and enjoys life no matter what!


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