Chocolate sauce

There might not be available that many vegan chocolate sauce options in the shops, and even if you are not a vegan, it is cheaper, easier and faster to make it at home, than going to the shop haha. Preparation time – 2 minutes!

This chocolate sauce works great as a topping, decoration or spread for cakes. As well as dipping for fruits, biscuits or other snacks! 


  • 3 tea spoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 tea spoons of powder sugar
  • 5-7 table spoons of plant based milk
  • few drops of vanilla extract (up to taste)

This is enough to decorate approximately two slices of cake. Double up the ingredients, if you need more.


Start by mixing all the dry ingredients (sugar and cocoa) together until there are no sugar or cocoa powder clumps and colour of the mixture is even. Then add the wet ingredients – plant milk and vanilla extract, and stir until smooth.

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