Braiding hair. Second attempt.

As I wrote in my previous post about braiding my hair and having some nice African hairstyle, it was extremely painful, but, however, I wanted to give it a second chance and try it again.

This time I decided to start it by braiding my own hair and adding fake ones only on the ends, in order to extend the length. Plus I chose white colour for the fake hair, so it was kind of an ombre, since roots of my natural hair had grow and the rest was blond.  However, in this way it wasn’t as painful as the last time, it looked much nicer and it was easier for me to take care of them as well.  Continue reading

How to use banana peel? 15 great ways!

Turns out that not only it is tasty and delicious to eat bananas, but also peel of them is having several benefits you would be surprised about. It is kind of a 2 in 1 process and win-win situation at the same time.

So let’s jump in!

First of all, banana peel works great on your skin. It helps to:

Face mask – banana peel can be used as a face mask to condition your skin. Rub it a bit and leave on your face for a while.

Recover dry areas on your skin by rubbing inside of the banana on them. Approximately 1-2 times a day and skin will recover back to the normal. Continue reading

Braiding hair

I have always been amazed by African women hairstyles and how beautiful their hair are when braided. Since I am currently in Kenya and every single day I can see these women with their long, beautiful braids wherever I go, thought about doing it was bothering me all the time. So, guess what? I did it as well! 

I could never imagine that it is SO PAINFUL! Seriously. I am pretty good with managing pain and someone doing my hair. I actually enjoy it. But this time… It was a nightmare which lasted for more than 5 hours. Even following days I wasn’t able to sleep properly, because my scalp was hurting so bad and sleeping with these braids on your head is like having an extra pillow haha. So it took me some time to get adjusted and now I am okay. Continue reading