How to travel cheap in Iceland?

The first thing what popped in my mind when I thought about this topic was – IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Indeed, it is not! Of course depending of from where you are coming from, but I ended up spending loads of money anyway even when I was saving it. And, of course, after every ‘war’ we are getting smarter. So did I. Therefore I decided to write down some tips to remember if planing to visit Iceland and not willing to spend tonnesof money.

Never buy water

Water in Iceland is coming from natural springs, therefore it is super healthy and you don’t have to spend money on buying it from store. Just take a bottle with you and fill it up when it is finished. Continue reading

5 facts about Iceland

After visiting any specific country one of the fun, even usual things to do is comparing it with your native one or countries you have visited before. Same with Iceland. With diverse nature and climate Iceland stands out a lot, therefore, I decided to write a list of 5, in my opinion, interesting facts about this country.

1.Population of 330.000

One of the most interesting and kind of weird thing about Iceland for me is its low population. In total it is 330.000 and 2/3 of these people live in Reykjavik and cities/villages around Reykjavik. So you can imagine how little amount of people live in all of the other villages/cities around the country. And there are a lot of them. I even think that population of tourists are higher. Continue reading

Iceland – Day 7 Reykjavík and Blue Lagoon

On my last day in Iceland I finally got to explore Reykjavík, what normally people do right after arriving when traveling. However, city is nice, not that big and it is easy to explore it just by walking.

Main places you might wanna see in Reykjavik are concert hall Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja – main church in Reykjavik, Solfar – skeleton of a boat placed by the harbour. As well city is full with different kind of museums, if is nice to walk through the center and see colourful houses, walking streets, cafes and souvenir shops. Continue reading

Iceland – Day 6 Golden Circle

In order to visit Golden Circle I booked tour with one of the excursion companies in Reykjavik. There are plenty of them providing option to visit Golden Circle as it is one of the most popular and touristy attractions in Iceland.

Of course it is possible to do Golden Circle by yourself with a car and there are no entrance fees. Golden Circle is relatively close to the Reykjavik and it might be much cheaper to go there by yourself than with a tour company, furthermore, Continue reading

Iceland – Day 4 and 5 in Westfjords

In the late evening, after visiting Snæfellsnes peninsula, we arrived to our hostel in Reykhólar. It is a small village in the beginning of Westfjords. This village is surrounded by beautiful nature – moorlands, cliffs and small islands.

As I mentioned before, me and my friend planned to travel around the whole Westfjords, but due to difficult road and lack of time we had to narrow our journey there. Our first stop was Hellulaug hot pot. Continue reading

Iceland – Day 3 in Snæfellsnes

On my 3rd day in Iceland me and my friend started our trip and plan for this day was to see Snæfellsnes peninsula. Our first stop, which we actually didn’t plan, was at Sjavarfoss. I guess there are never enough waterfalls to see and they just makes you wanna stop.

Surprise, surprise. Continue reading

South of Iceland – Day 1 and 2

As I wrote in my previous post, day 1 and 2 I spent by traveling alone and visiting places in South of Iceland. I tried to see everything in the first day, so second one I can just spend on the road by going back to Reykjavik.

My first stop was at Hveragerði, where I saw some hot springs. It is around 50km from Reykjavik. Even thought it is close and wouldn’t take a lot of time to drive there, you might wanna walk around and enjoy yourself in the nature. Continue reading

My trip to Iceland

My latest trip to Iceland I did this summer was awesome. No, wait. I am mistaking something here. Not awesome, but AWESOME. I finally got to see my very close friend I met during my studies in Denmark and managed to see a lot places as well. Nature in Iceland is indeed mind-blowing and makes you wanna pinch yourself and wonder if this, what you see, is actually real and happening to you.

However, I spent there one week. Continue reading