Kazuri Beads – Jewellery made in Kenya

In Swahili Kazuri means something small and beautiful, and indeed it is! Kazuri Beads is handmade jewellery made in Kenya, city called Karen (after Karen Blixen), which is only around 15 minutes drive away from the centrum of Nairobi.

These beads take quite long journey until they become a necklace, earrings or bracelet. First they are being shaped, then fired and glazed, and fired again. All work is done by more than 300 local women employed at Kazuri. Kazuri gives employment to women and single mothers, who are in struggle. They are receiving salary, which is three times higher than the national average wage and full medical cover for them and their relatives. I don’t know about you, but for me it sounds like an appropriate place where to spend my money! Continue reading

Adopt an elephant!

Are you single, but still want to become a parent without huge waiting lines, paper works and stress? Well, this is your lucky day, because I have a great solution for you!

The Elephant Orphanage at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is having a project where you can become a foster parent to an elephant. In my opinion, this is the most exciting way how you can donate money and help these amazing creatures. Adoption of an elephant costs 5.000Ksh (50$) per year, which isn’t that much if you think about it. In a return you are going to receive an e-mail every month to see how your elephant is doing. E-mail includes a video, newsletter and a water-colour painting by Angela Sheldrick. Furthermore, by notifying Elephant Orphanage center before, you can visit your elephant free of charge at any time. Continue reading

Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center

Visitation of Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center is an exciting experience and won’t take more than a half a day so it can be easily combined with other activities, for example Kitengela hot glass or Nairobi National Park orphanage.

Elephant Orphanage is around 20 minutes drive away from Nairobi city center, right after Nairobi National Park. In order to attend it and participate in the demonstration, you should be there couple of minutes before 11:00. Entrance ticket costs 500Ksh (5$) for all – residents, non-residents and students. At this orphanage you will be introduced with all of the elephants there and their stories behind – how they were found, how old they are and from where and how they got to Nairobi. Furthermore, you will see care-takers feeding them and will have a chance to pet and take pictures with some of the elephants. And, the coolest thing – you can adopt an elephantContinue reading

National Museum, Snake park and Maasai market

In order to explore the history of Kenya, see some turtles, snakes and crocodiles, and to buy some bits to bring back home as a souvenir, you should definitely go to National Museum, which has a Snake park and Maasai Market. Both of these are located in the centrum of Nairobi and would take you only half a day.

National Museum is a place where you can find all the information about Kenya’s history, their culture, see exhibits of animals and birds, and to see some live ones as well at the Snake park next to it. This museum is interesting not only because of the historical information it is providing to you, but also with the comparison it shows to the nowadays and how animal instincts and nature humans are using for different kind of innovations and developments in the daily life. Continue reading

Starter tips for Kenya

In order for your stay to be as good as possible, so you could bring back only good memories and vibes, there are some basic ‘starter tips’ you should keep in mind while visiting this country. Especially, if you are coming from a totally different part of the world.

Respond and greet

People in this country are very social and open. It is a totally normal thing that they are going to greet you on the streets, ask how are you doing and wish you a pleasant stay in Kenya. Therefore, be polite and appreciate their kindness as it comes naturally from them. Continue reading

Sunny Beach and Nessebar

One of the good things when you are studying together with international students is that you will always have an accommodation abroad. Same happened when I was visiting my classmate in Bulgaria. Her family is having a hotel by the sea side in Sveti Vlas, which is very close to the Sunny Beach and Nessebar.

This holiday was more about relaxing and enjoying sun by the beach. The weather in Bulgaria in summer time is great. Temperature during day is at least +30 celsius and there won’t be even a single rainy day (maybe one or two) during the whole summer.  Continue reading

Now I am in Kenya!

An awesome experience is right ahead of me! Just arrived in Kenya, Nairobi to do my internship and going to spend here 3 of the following months. Super excited how it is going to be and what I am going to experience, but so far it has been great!

Right after exiting the airport and being in Kenya for about 5-10 minutes I managed to see zebras walking just by the road. Where else is it possible? Probably in many of the African countries, but at that exact moment I actually realized how different this place is going to be from everything I am used to in Europe and my home-country Latvia. Continue reading

Raw Vegan Avocado-Banana-Kiwi Cheesecake (gluten and nut free)

For all the lazy cheesecake fans out there – this cake is a must! It is super refreshing in summer season and relatively cheep to make. And the best part – it doesn’t take a lot of time for it to be done (approx. 30min), because it is raw! But wait, that’s not it. Besides all the previously mentioned things this cake is also gluten and nut free.

Main ingredients:

First of all, you will need your best friends – blender and food processor, cake form (approx. 20cm diameter) and fridge. Continue reading

How to travel cheap in Iceland?

The first thing what popped in my mind when I thought about this topic was – IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Indeed, it is not! Of course depending of from where you are coming from, but I ended up spending loads of money anyway even when I was saving it. And, of course, after every ‘war’ we are getting smarter. So did I. Therefore I decided to write down some tips to remember if planing to visit Iceland and not willing to spend tonnesof money.

Never buy water

Water in Iceland is coming from natural springs, therefore it is super healthy and you don’t have to spend money on buying it from store. Just take a bottle with you and fill it up when it is finished. Continue reading

5 facts about Iceland

After visiting any specific country one of the fun, even usual things to do is comparing it with your native one or countries you have visited before. Same with Iceland. With diverse nature and climate Iceland stands out a lot, therefore, I decided to write a list of 5, in my opinion, interesting facts about this country.

1.Population of 330.000

One of the most interesting and kind of weird thing about Iceland for me is its low population. In total it is 330.000 and 2/3 of these people live in Reykjavik and cities/villages around Reykjavik. So you can imagine how little amount of people live in all of the other villages/cities around the country. And there are a lot of them. I even think that population of tourists are higher. Continue reading