Oreo cake. No bake and nut free

Video recipe here!

Who doesn’t like Oreos?! Imagine them in a cake… Even better! This cake is a must try, easy to make and requires only four ingredients. Not that healthy though, but a little bit of cake on your sweet tooth never killed nobody! Continue reading

Crunchy Peanut butter

Video recipe here!

Who would have thought it is actually so easy to make peanut butter at home? Here I want to share my way of making crunchy peanut butter. It is one of the simplest things ever, but still mind-blowing.ย  Continue reading

Chocolate Chip cookies

Video recipe here!

Same as with Nutella, chocolate chip cookies is something you can never have too much. Unfortunately there aren’t that many vegan options, or actually no vegan options at all, available in the stores. But, hey, that’s why I am here for you! It is ridiculously easy to make them by yourself and they will taste great! My friends even said that they taste better than the ones from the store.ย  Continue reading

Oat meal. Sugar and milk free

Video recipe here!

One of the best ways how to start your day is with full tummy and oat meal does a great job in order to ensure that! Here I want to share my oat meal recipe. It is sugar and milk free, sweet and delicious anyways!

Ingredients: Continue reading

Nutella – Vutella

Video recipe here!

The best things in life are cruelty free, but nutella was pretty good too. However, you can, of course, make a vegan version of it as well! But let’s call it a ‘vutella’ instead!

It is actually very easy and mind-blowing at the same time. Be careful not to get addicted! Chocolate is a very tricky thing! Continue reading

Oat – Banana biscuits. Sugar free

Video recipe here!ย 

Very easy to make Oat-Banana vegan biscuits. No need for sugar! Banana works as both – replacement for egg and sweetener at the same time! Furthermore, these biscuits fills you up easily!

Preparation time approximately 15 minutes + baking 25 minutes = They are done super fast! (40 min)

Ingredients: Continue reading

Pie crust for cake

Video recipe here!

Lately I am starting to realise how beneficial it is to have me as a friend – I am bringing cake to my friends not only on their birthdays, but also on daily basis! However, I made this cake for one of my friend’s birthday. It is made from simple pie crust, leftovers from my aquafaba whipping cream and topped with fresh fruits and berries.ย  Continue reading

Meringues from aquafaba/beanwater

Video recipe here!

Lately chickpeas are definitely in my top 3! You can not only use them for cakes, main dishes and salad, but also use its liquid – aquafaba. Awesome right? Directly translating it means beanwater.

So yeah, from this beanwater it is possible to make vegan meringue cookies, which normally are made from egg-white. Also it can be used as whipping cream, to make mousse and as a simple egg replacement. Anyway… Let’s get back to the point – meringues! Continue reading

Falafel - Guacamole burger

Falafel – Guacamole burgers

Video recipe here!

Had some fun this weekend cooking vegan falafel burgers for my meat eater friends! And guess what? They actually liked it! Not so junky, but very yummy! Served them together with oven baked regular and sweet potatoes, and tomato-cucumber-paprika salad!

Start by making falafel first! Continue reading


Delicious and nutritious chocolate smoothie! Treat yourself!

Orange – Low in calories (approx. 50 per 100g), but high in nutritional benefits. The amount of fiber, potassium and vitamin C oranges contain promotes healthy and good looking skin. As well consumption of them lowers risk of several diseases (kidney diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol) and improves overall health: immune system and vision. Continue reading