Homemade Coconut Cream cheese. Dairy free. Vegan

Video recipe here!

Out of curiosity I came up with this recipe of homemade vegan cream cheese and it actually turned out to be very good. It goes super good on bread and I assume for salad or other dishes as an addition as well. It will take you around 2 minutes to make it! Continue reading

Vegan Cheese sauce (gluten free)

Video here!

For those who actually miss having cheese in their daily menu and fridge, or from time to time are craving for some Mac and Cheese, here is a recipe for vegan cheese sauce!

It’s perfect to be eaten together with rice, cuscus, peas, beans, other grains, potatoes and, of course, pasta, or to be used as a dipping for tortilla chips and fries. Furthermore, this recipe is gluten free and doesn’t require any substitute products. So, yaaay! Let’s jump in!  Continue reading