Oreo cookies recipe. Vegan

Video recipe here!

Ever wonder how Oreos can be vegan? I recently did some experiments in my kitchen and came up with a cookie recipe which tastes pretty much the same like original Oreos. But the best part is that it doesn’t contain palm oil, there is no cross contact with dairy at all and they are vegan!  Continue reading

Creamy Oreo Easter eggs and chocolate. Vegan.

Video recipe here!

Easter is almost here and everyone is already starting to get excited about Easter eggs and other traditions during this celebration. However, for vegans this holiday is a bit different, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be delicious and fun. Therefore, I would like to share some of the Easter chocolate egg recipes you can try at home by using Oreo cookies.  Continue reading

Chocolate Chip cookies

Video recipe here!

Same as with Nutella, chocolate chip cookies is something you can never have too much. Unfortunately there aren’t that many vegan options, or actually no vegan options at all, available in the stores. But, hey, that’s why I am here for you! It is ridiculously easy to make them by yourself and they will taste great! My friends even said that they taste better than the ones from the store.  Continue reading

Oat – Banana biscuits. Sugar free

Video recipe here

Very easy to make Oat-Banana vegan biscuits. No need for sugar! Banana works as both – replacement for egg and sweetener at the same time! Furthermore, these biscuits fills you up easily!

Preparation time approximately 15 minutes + baking 25 minutes = They are done super fast! (40 min)

Ingredients: Continue reading